Coco: Investment Committee Memo

Coco Wexler

Investment Summary

  • Having clearly stated a puppy was outside of our mandate since inception, under relentless pressure from the offspring and subject to COVID-induced poor judgment, we are considering succumbing to adorableness based on online video and pictures.
  • Humans are social animals. The limitations imposed on our children due to social distancing have resulted in (a) much less social interaction, (b) too much screen time/digital socialization and © continued presence at home and limited travel for all family members. These are optimal extenuating circumstances for puppy training.
  • Our diligence was less thorough than usual, our analysis shows this will be a bad investment, and the management team is both inexperienced and its junior members are unlikely to persevere through the inevitable startup challenges.
  • Notwithstanding the above, we recommend moving forward. Bottom line: puppies are cute. Our kids want one. Quarantine seems like a good time to do it. We know it is way too much work and we will probably regret this decision. And yet we cannot resist, and are rationalizing this based on what’s good for the kids and that if so many families can figure it out so can we.

Investment Highlights

  • Puppies are super-duper ultra-cute. See Exhibit A
  • Kids will benefit from having a puppy to love and care for
  • Key Investment Risks: (1) Puppy training is exhausting (2) Post-COVID/travel logistics will be a nightmare (3) Selected dog could have health and/or behavioral issues

Investment Opportunity

Deal Source

Fit with Wexler Mission

Diligence Process



Competitive Landscape



  • Patricia Wexler: loves puppies, very organized, likes to walk. However, does not enjoy waking up early, has little patience and does not like messes. Also works full time so has little bandwidth during the day. And post-COVID may resume extensive work travel.
  • Nick Wexler: despite his opposition to having a puppy, deep down inside loves them. He is very athletic and an early-riser, however hates shedding and licking and germs.
  • Alexandra Wexler: the firstborn Wexler child, loves puppies and is very responsible. Unfortunately, may forget the puppy if she is playing Sims.
  • Zack Wexler: only boy and very athletic child, will enjoy giving the puppy a workout. And loves cuddly things. But has many other priorities including team sports that will detract from his ability to take care of the puppy.
  • Samantha Wexler (aka Boss Baby): clearly the key driver behind this entire investment, she has continuously made the case for the investment, and although she claims she will take on most of the management, we know she will act as a very hands-off Chairman of the Board, expecting all others to do all the work. She has also made it explicitly clear she will not be “picking up poop”.

Key Financial Indicators

Exhibit A: Product Demo




Investor in the foundational companies of a better and more sustainable future. Mother of 3. Miami-based and proud Hispanic American

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Patricia Halfen Wexler

Patricia Halfen Wexler

Investor in the foundational companies of a better and more sustainable future. Mother of 3. Miami-based and proud Hispanic American

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